The company’s nomination committee is regulated by §7 in the Articles of Association. The implementation of a nomination committee was resolved at the Annual General Meeting 2 April 2014.
The nomination committee consists of three members, who are normally elected for a period of two years. The committee and its chair are elected by the general meeting, which also decides on the remuneration of the committee.
The current nomination committee consists of Lars Christian Tvedt (chairman), Ola Snøve and Davor Sutija, who were re-elected for a one-year period at the Annual General Meeting dated 9 May 2018. In accordance with the instructions for the nomination committee, the committee itself proposes new members of the committee and remuneration of the committee members.
The nomination committee proposes candidates for election to the Board of Directors in the general meeting, and recommends remuneration for members of the Board.
Deviations from the Code of Practice: None