ClickZ: 視差効果でページから飛び出すマツダの広告

26 Jan 2015 | By Yukiko Koizumi

Using three-dimensional advertising technology by Cxense, Mazda Motors Norway is attempting to engage customers by deploying an ad that appears to move.

A new digital Mazda ad uses parallax effects to create the illusion that the car is popping off the page, a move the Japanese car company hopes will combat consumer “banner blindness.”

The campaign is the result of a partnership between Mazda and Cxense, the Norwegian company that launched the three-dimensional advertising technology last year. The ads, the first of which featured a Mazda3 and launched earlier this week, were created by Mindshare Norway, the global media agency’s Oslo branch.

“We are not only focused on stylish design and the latest technology in our cars,” says Lisbeth Nygren, marketing communication manager at Mazda Motors Norway. “We like to be innovative in everything we do and 3-D ads are a perfect way to promote our cars.”

As a user scrolls up and down the page, the car gives the appearance of moving up and down as well, as if being lowered from the ceiling or rising from beneath the floor on its platform. The car manufacturer’s goal with the ads, which are visible across any device without tilting or special glasses, was to combat banner blindness, as consumers’ tendency to block out banner ads is known.

The ads will be distributed across all sites belonging to Amedia, one of the largest media companies in Norway, which owns 50 regional news outlets, TV channels, and radio stations.

By Mike O’Brien, published on ClickZ, January 23, 2015