Escenic Webinar with Cxense

13 Oct 2015 | By CXENSE Japan

Semantic tagging is a quick way to serve the most relevant and personalized content to your users. Join this webinar to learn what automatic tagging can do for your business.

Both business revenue and content distribution can be amplified by using semantic and automatic tagging to map your content in an intelligent way. Cxense has partnered up with Escenic to create the Escenic Semantic Plugin and will co-present at Escenic’s webinar on October 20th.


How automatic tagging and personalization can help you serve relevant content to your audience on an individual level

  • Why you are missing out if you’re not tagging your content
  • How tagging will help you present the right content to the right user
  • How tagging will help you sales department sell more ads at higher CPMs
  • Demo of how semantic tagging is done
  • How to do semantic tagging in Content Studio (well, really, it’s just one click and you’re done, so that part will be brief)
  • How to create automatically updated topic pages using tags and Widget Framework 3