WNIP: ノルウェーの Amediaのサイト上でバナー広告を無視するようになったユーザーに対する3D広告が初登場

22 Jan 2015 | By Yukiko Koizumi

Response rates for banner ads have been on a downward trend in recent years. Faced with a plethora of online ads, many consumers have admitted to developing ‘banner blindness’, deeming display ads irrelevant and often not even noticing them anymore. The resulting challenge for publishers – as well as advertisers – has been to find ad formats that engage audiences. Late last year, advertising and data software firm Cxense, primarily known for its real-time analytics and Data Management Platform (DMP), launched unique 3D ad capabilities as part of its Cxense Advertising solution as a way for publishers to increase banner ad effectiveness and revenues.

Late last week, Amedia, Norway’s largest publisher of local media titles (100+ in total), and one of the three largest media companies in the country, was the first publisher to go live with 3D ads for an aptly named campaign for Mazda3.  The campaign went live on several of Amedia’s sites including ba.no, lierposten.no and dt.no, and the initial effect of the ads has been very strong. Lauren Pedersen, Cxense’s VP of Global Marketing says, “Results have been impressive, much better than the average banner ad. We see a click-through-rate of 4.5 times the industry average, and that is even before the Cxense DMP has been targeting the ads, which would raise the CTR even further.”

The cool thing with Cxense’s 3D ad capabilities is how it enables products and images to rotate and ‘pop’ off the screen, without annoying flashing, expanding or unwanted sound effects. It is a subtle yet distinct way to capture audience interest on any type of device including mobile.  This 3D offering is a unique feature of the Cxense Advertising products, which can also be integrated with the Cxense DMP allowing media and e-commerce companies to segment their audience and target content and ads down to individual readers.

“Displaying three-dimensional ads brings a premium feel to our sites,” says Lars Hordnes, Head of Digital Sales for Amedia, “and allows us to showcase brands in a unique format that really grabs consumers’ attention.” In turn, Mazda Motors Norway’s Marketing Communication Manager, Lisbeth H. Nygren, says “It is always exciting to try something new and innovative. Mazda is an unconventional carmaker with an ambition to do things differently. We are not only focused on stylish design and the latest technology in our cars, we like to be innovative in everything we do and 3D ads are a perfect way to promote our cars. We are thrilled to be among the first companies in the world to display our cars using this new 3D technology.”

The 3D ad technology is slated to rejuvenate the banner ad in a time where publishers are trying to offset declining print revenues with new digital revenue streams, and advertisers are looking for creative solutions for their display advertising needs. Grabbing the attention of the reader is key, but it is equally important that the technology is non-intrusive and doesn’t go against the publishers’ purpose and irritate or alienate the readers.  By giving your readers what they want in terms of relevant content and cool ads is a win-win for all, the reader, the publisher and the advertiser.

Published by WHAT’S NEW IN PUBLISHING (WNIP), January 22, 2015