“Our content changes attitudes. It sent people to social reviews and catalogue pages, and nine percent of those who saw the post bought the cosmetic within a week.”

Motoko Imada

CEO, Mediagene

How Mediagene utilized targeted advertising with Cxense DMP

Turning branded content into a premium advertising solution


Famous for swift publishing and quick adoption of online trends, Mediagene is a premium publisher in Japan, known for Japanese versions of tech sites Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku, generating over 20 million unique users and 145 million pageviews every month.


Mediagene sought to increase revenues across their spectrum of websites. To reach the next level and expanding their networks Mediagene needed to turn their content into targeted content and use their audience data to serve targeted ads for their advertisers. 

44 %
30 %

Using native advertising for increased engagement

High responsiveness to sponsored content

Solutions & Results

Using Cxense technology, Mediagene created the Brand Connect platform, a native ad solution turning select branded content into a premium advertising solution for wide spread distribution.

The premium network was able to generate data by consumers on the Cxense platform. Whilst there was differing audience across the spectrum of websites, the common factor between them was the high responsiveness to native advertising. Content was successfully used for cross-site campaigns to utilize sponsored content, leading to increased user engagement.

Using Cxense Data Management Platform (DMP), Mediagene was able to create highly relevant segments and campaigns for a large Japanese camera manufacturer. The campaigns comprised of articles on Gizmodo and ran as a sponsored post. Results showed that 36% of camera purchasers has read that Gizmodo sponsored post

In another example, sponsored content from Mediagene’s website Glitty was used in a news app and results showed an increase of 44% in brand recognition thanks to native advertising and 30% were more inclined to buy the promoted content.

Cxense DMP enabled Mediagene to offer their customers a range of premium advertising products for their wide spectrum of websites and advertisers. Cxense data management platform enabled Mediagene the capability to use audience data for successful targeted advertising.