Wave goodbye to the analytics tools of the past

To be successful in the years ahead, publishers have to start using data to their advantage and the right analytics and data management systems are key.

However, many publishers are unaware of how beneficial analytics can be to their bottom line and how many of the tools on the market have become outdated. By switching from a traditional analytics system to a tool called Cxense Insight, a major European news site increased click-through rates on their front page from 40-60 per cent – something that more publishers could benefit from.

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When and how do marketing pros think they’ll roll out personalization?

During a recent webinar, we asked a global audience of publishers and digital marketing pros for their feedback on when and how they’re planning to apply personalization as a way to drive increased user engagement.  They told us that 2016 will be the year they move from talking about personalization to actually implementing it, and gave us some insights on how they’re planning to roll out personalization in their companies.  

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Publishers giving away their knowledge, says Paton


No prizes for recognising the “black hole” John Paton says is sucking most internet revenue into it.

The former Digital First Media chief executive now has a role at Oslo-based data management and personalization company Cxense and opened the company’s recent Cxense Experience event.

And Google – which he says, has 70 per cent of the mobile advertising market– was only one target: Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, which both seek to distribute content on behalf of publishers, were both hot topics, with many questioning whether they were friends or foes of publishers.

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3 new ways Cxense can help you maximize conversions


We’re excited to announce three new ways that you can maximize conversions — whether you’re a marketer and want to optimize important funnels on your website, a publisher who wants to optimize engagement within audience segments or an ecommerce specialist who needs to optimize product performance across categories. Read on to learn more and find out how you can get access to these new features.

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How Winnipeg Free Press boosted reader engagement with personalization

It’s crunch time for media publishers worldwide these days. Audiences are more demanding than ever, resources are tight and new competitors are constantly challenging traditional media companies. Resources at the publisher– both human resources and screen real estate – are at a premium and need to be used to the fullest, entering the era of engagement.

Only a few publishers so far have really experimented with site personalization. Yet, there are technologies out there capable of providing the extra push a media company needs, to capture the attention of their audiences, increase satisfaction with the brand, and drive revenue.

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How to visualize digital advertising performance with Cxense Maxifier

Customers around the world use Cxense Maxifier to programmatically optimize their digital advertising, achieving 20-30% performance improvements across their KPIs in the process.  Read on to find out how a new performance dashboard (and other new features), make Maxifier a better optimization tool than ever before.

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Learn how to make a difference


If you’re a computer science student looking for a job, you may be hoping to get hired by a company who will give you an unlimited gadget budget, has an on site masseuse and holds their sprint planning meetings somewhere warm along the Mediterranean coast. Or instead, you might want a real challenge; to achieve something big and to make a difference. Perhaps you’re even considering getting a PhD some day. In that case, you might find it interesting to read the NTNU Tech Zone Blog post written by one of our engineers, Simon Lia-Jonassen, about his PhD experience.

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Export data from Cxense Insight and harness your inner Excel ninja

Don’t you love those days when you log in to your favourite software and discover a feature you didn’t have access to before?  Well today is one of those days! We’ve added a brand new feature to Cxense Insight that allows you to download the data from any workspace to Microsoft Excel.  Read on to find out how it works.

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