We help to make your data a strategic asset for your business

In a digital world driven by Amazon, Google and Facebook, publishers and marketers need to focus on the value of data in driving competitive business models. But there are challenges to making this a reality. Cxense is the solution. Our platform builds on our massively scalable real-time data architecture, combined with our powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to help our customers achieve success with a three tiered platform approach.

Data Fusion

Aggregate and enrich all of your data sources- analytics data, registration data, CRM data, advertising data and fuse together across all of your digital experiences to create a single, comprehensive, 1:1 view of all of your users and

Data Activation

Activate your rich audience profiles and segments to create ROI for your data. Apply your data to improve marketing conversions, content engagement, advertising performance and more. Connect your data to your ecosystems- ad exchanges, 3rd party marketing execution platforms, business intelligence and more.

Data Intelligence

Artificial intelligence to give you answers before you ask the questions. Predict success, and learn more about your customers every day with powerful insights derived from your data. See the performance of your campaigns in real time helped with the decision making power of our data science know how.

Cxense Insight

Capture all user interactions across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Understand your content in depth and display data in intuitive dashboards

Cxense DMP

Gather, segment, and action your data in real-time to drive digital revenue

Cxense Content

Cxense Content provides targeted recommendations to tailor your site to user interests and drive traffic and engagement

Cxense Conversion Engine

Enables publishers to create a truly personalized user experience that drives subscription revenue