Cxense Content

Deliver the content users want, when they want it,
how they want it

Cxense Content provides targeted recommendations to tailor your site to
user interests and drive additional traffic and engagement 

The personalization product gathers and analyzes user data to know which content to bring forward at any particular moment. 

Content and product recommendations match individual user interests to drive engagement and conversions.

Website personalization delivers an immediate increase in pageviews and time spent on the site while decreasing bounce rates. By bringing the most relevant content, promotions and offers forward, businesses will also see much higher conversion rates and digital revenue.

Personalization can be driven by many aspects, such as the context of the current page, and article popularity. You can actively leverage user attributes, such as their location, device, interests, or data about their subscriptions and past purchases. 

Use audience segments to tailor recommendations to specific users and use recommendations based on collaborative filtering to drive conversions.

The right content – and in the right context

See how it works.


Surface the content that’s most likely to convert users –
but how?

A highly personalized website will drive digital revenue and enrich online experiences that

enhance brand loyalty and digital revenue 

To truly understand your audience and to deliver a personalized experience, you need deep insight on your site visitors.  

Cxense gives you a holistic view of your site, its content, and your visitors’ intent. Our unique, real-time user profiles makes your site adapt to the user when they visit each time. 

Giving users content that’s tailored to their interests, needs, and location is crucial to maximizing personalization – and mobile is a game changer for publishers. 

Tailor the mobile experience from the moment it begins and deliver personalized content and personalized recommendations, push notification based on user context, and location-based personalization by bridging first-, second-, and third-party data to build a truly holistic view of the reader. 

We combine insight with site widgets to optimize the user experience and build on segmentation and user profiles in real-time and cross-device. 

Once the user is recognized on a different device, this data is included. This enables your site’s content to reach the user in the correct context, increasing conversion rates.

Real-time action on data creates a visitor-centric site. We track success through real-time dashboards for reporting. Better personalization leads to more engaged users, and more engaged users give you more data. More data? Better personalization.

Get started using the standard recommendation modes: contextual, trending, and behavioral. 

  • “The Cxense solution offers many possibilities as we aim to provide the best customer experience in print and digital. We will use these solutions effectively to achieve our ‘customer-first’ approach.”

    Shigetaka Yamanaka, General Manager Digital Development Department, Hearst Fujingaho