Cxense Conversion Engine

Discover the sweet spot between growing subscription revenues and securing advertising intakes

Wondering how to convert more readers into subscribers while maintaining steady advertising intakes? The answer is dynamic, data-driven, real-time personalization across all devices.

Understand your readers and increase subscription revenues

As ad revenues decline but willingness to pay for content increases, publishers realize that success depends once again on forming close relationships with their readers. Cxense Conversion Engine helps publishers turn audience insight into revenue by doing just that. Based on real-time behavioral, contextual and even sociodemographic data, Conversion Engine enables publishers to create personalized customer journeys that can make the difference between a casual reader and a subscriber. 

Drive conversions with predictive analytics and machine learning

A machine learning-powered propensity model ensures that the right content, promotions and offers are shown to the right reader at the right time. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, publishers can replace their static paywall with a flexible one that is dynamic and personalized in terms of timing, context and offer. With a dynamic paywall based on Conversion Engine, you can open up or lock down content automatically and in real-time according to a reader’s likelihood to subscribe. The paywall can also easily be managed manually, should the need arise.

Rapidly design and deploy campaigns that work

For many publishers, increasing efficiency is on top of their agenda. Therefore we designed Conversion Engine to help publishers generate more revenue per reader with less effort. We integrated audience insight, content recommendation, campaign management, A/B testing and paywall delivery into one easy-to-use solution tailored to business and newsroom users’ needs.

Want to automatically remind subscribers that their credit card details soon expire? Or open up the paywall to readers from abroad to create interest and drive traffic? With Conversion Engine those that know their audience best can set this up in minutes without losing valuable time between decision making and execution.

Easily balance subscription growth and ad revenues

Find the perfect balance between growing subscriptions and maintaining ad revenues. In a few easy steps you can adjust content access and paywall behavior for different audience groups. As a consequence, a reader with a low likelihood to subscribe will see more ad-financed content instead of a subscription offer whereas someone with high subscription propensity will see the paywall more quickly.

In addition, Conversion Engine offers sophisticated A/B testing capabilities that allow publishers to optimize campaigns for each audience group - to make sure each reader gets the right content, promotions and offers at the right time.

Real-time reporting to optimize  campaign performance

Tired of spending hours on manually creating reports? Reports in Conversion Engine are designed to be of immediate use to business and newsdesk users so they can easily analyze campaign and content performance.

Want to know what type of content resonated best with recent subscribers? Or if the freemium campaign targeted towards finance executives had the desired effect? With Conversion Engine you can easily explore and measure campaign results in real-time so you can spend your time analyzing results instead of looking for them.

Create personalized customer journeys   that drive subscriptions 


Create a personalized customer journey that drives subscriptions - but how?

Guide your readers to conversion and convince them to stay!

Publishers with a static paywall often rely solely on their content for subscription conversion, applying a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are other important factors, such as personalized messaging, convenience, and the publisher’s ability to create a feeling of membership, that influence a reader’s decision to become a long-term subscriber.

Conversion Engine allows you to take all these factors into account and create a fully personalized customer journey. Spark interest for flyby readers by engaging them with popular content that matches their interest. Divide regular readers into groups according to their propensity to subscribe and convert them with a dynamic paywall. Retain your high-value subscribers by making them feel appreciated through personalized offers and messages.

As the fully integrated for the personalized customer journey, Conversion Engine helps publishers sharpen their brand and get the most value out of their great content, turning anonymous readers into subscribers and subscribers into high value customers.


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