Cxense Maxifier

Make sense of complex data sets to optimize advertising results

Take control of advertising campaign delivery and optimization

Unlock the value of your premium inventory, maximize performance, grow your digital revenue

Make sense of large, complex data sets in order to  optimize advertising results.

Inputs include: ad server data, viewability reports, audience segment data and other actionable data. Outputs include: insights, actionable recommendations and automated optimization that increase campaign delivery and performance.

  • Focus on optimizing premium inventory.
  • Predict the performance of campaigns and fix problems quickly.
  • Optimize campaign performance with auto-generated recommendations.
  • Simulate the impact any campaign change will have before implementing it.
  • Act quickly by applying changes directly to the ad server.
  • Deliver programmatically by automating optimization.

The right ad campaign – and at the right time

See how it works


Show advertisers exactly what you’re doing for them

Understand what needs focus and what action to take – and what impact it will have on the overall advertising campaign

Premium inventory is the key to profitability. Performance improvements here can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. While most solutions focus on helping monetize low value remnant inventory, Cxense Maxifier helps you drive optimal value from your premium.

Maxifier analyzes data and identifies the highest performing inventory setup for each advertising campaign, enabling an automated optimization process to continually enhance performance.

Maxifier benefits include: streamlined operations for efficiency and scale, increased performance, ability to partner with advertisers, reduction of hyper-targeting, valuable insight into ad products, and the ability to promote automated optimization.

  • “In the last month alone, optimizing on in-view rate has boosted our campaign viewability by double digits, at the same time delivering significant CTR performance improvements.”

    David Rowley, Senior Director of Digital Ad Platform Strategies, Advance Digital