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We help you create memorable viewer experiences that drive more advertising revenue to your bottom line

All brands need a rich media strategy

Our video content management platform makes your videos more searchable and more engaging

Two of the core challenges facing media companies today are driving viewers to their on-demand video assets and ensuring high levels of engagement with those videos

  • Powerful video indexing and transcription. Our technology enables improved search, discovery, engagement and advertising of your video content.
  • Cloud-based video management platform. Our video management capabilities are delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), which offers rapid implementation and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Multi-device delivery. We ensure your videos, regardless of their original format, are encoded, stored, and streamed to multiple devices with multiple format requirements. 
  • Interactive video engagement and advertising integration. Our engine enables you to trigger calls to action (CTAs) that are targeted to your video content, delivering dynamic clickable links in and around the video player. 
  • Comprehensive video search and discovery. Complete content discovery features including universal search across all of your content.
  • Integration with familiar platforms. We can integrate with Adobe, Sitecore, Microsoft, Oracle and others. Our processing and video capabilities also integrate with Brightcove, Ooyala, YouTube and others.

The right video – and at the right time

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Maximize your video’s ROI

Video brings sight, sound, and motion to the table to create a more compelling storytelling mechanism 

Our unique platform maximizes your video’s ROI by making it more discoverable through search and recommendations, more engaging through interactive player features that deliver a “lean-forward experience”, and more actionable through dynamic calls to action that compel viewers to take the next action with you whether it’s to watch more video, download an asset, request a demo, or purchase a product.  

Cxense Video brings deep capabilities around real time analytics, first party data management and personalization to online video. While the early days of online video were focused on the “plumbing” challenges

(storage, transcoding, hosting and streaming), the next generation of online video solutions must now focus on making video valuable.

With video typically monetizing at 5-10X the rates of comparable display ads, publishers and broadcasters are scrambling to create more inventory to meet the huge demand as the billions of broadcast advertising dollars move online.  

Cxense Video is focused on driving more consumption, engagement and monetization of video for our global customers.

  • “Average time spent on the site went from 282 seconds in September 2014 before we introduced personalization to 632 seconds in September 2015 after the new system was implemented.”

    Christian Panson, VP Digital, Winnipeg Free Press