Cxense DMP

Gather, segment, and action your data in real-time to drive digital revenue

Turn user data into actionable audience segments

Cxense DMP (Data Management Platform) enables digital businesses to aggregate, segment, and action user data to drive higher user engagement and revenue

Automatically capture data in real-time across all devices

Combine first-, second- and third-party data, analyze it, develop individual user profiles and audience segments, and put the data to work across your sites and multi-channel marketing plan.

  • Valuable insight. The power lies in combining sociodemographic data sets with each individual user’s interests, intent, and context. The Cxense DMP gathers data and analyzes it to produce meaningful insight and segments.

  • Cross-device and cross-platform. Get data and insight on your audience no matter what device they use. With the DMP, you can analyze and action data on each individual users across all of your sites and apps.

  • Engage & monetize. Cxense DMP puts your data to work to engage and monetize your audience. Build a loyal, engaged audience, convert site visitors to subscribers, and earn higher prices for premium ad targeting.

  • Collect data – and make it actionable in real-time. Use tools from the Cxense platform such as Cxense Maxifier and Cxense Content or integrate with your preferred ad server and/or marketing tools.

Gather, segment, action

See how it works


Profile the data, aggregate the insights, deliver a personalized experience  – but how?

Turn data into “targetable audiences” that deliver accurate, predictive information about future-oriented
marketing and audience segmentation

A DMP turns user data into targetable audience segments. It allows you to create new segments by combining segment criteria using Boolean operators.

With lookalike modelling, it enables publishers to expand their audience by identifying new customers who act like current ones. 

The DMP allows you to go from simply tracking data, to start merging everything into one consolidated user profile across all devices, and even off-web to POS and CRM.

Create highly targeted segments and integrate them with ad servers, SSPs, DFPs, email marketing tools and more in real-time.

Expose users to the content most relevant for them and continue the conversation with users across all devices and get immediate action from data, unlocking the revenue potential.

Increase conversions and grow your digital revenue – with a DMP. Take action on your audience insight and increase user engagement.

  • "iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers".

    Håvard Kvalheim, Head of Big Data, Polaris Media