Cxense Insight

Real-time insight on how your users are interacting with your sites

Capture data, understand your audience

Capture all user interactions across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices –  display data in
intuitive  dashboards and improve the user experience

We capture user data from any device, across multiple sites, and from multiple devices

The Cxense core engine is built on our technology, optimized to capture and action a large number of events in real time.

  • Get tailored traffic reports to understand how people consume content.
  • Identify the external sites that drive traffic to you.
  • See how traffic is split across different devices, browsers, and operating systems.
  • Follow the popularity of individual articles and pages through their lifecycle and get detailed information on pageviews and unique users – and discover how the article can drive recommendations and contextual ads.
  • Understand how people navigate to articles, how much time they spend there, and where they go next.

Turning insights
into revenue

See how it works.


Drive engagement, decrease bounce rates – but how?

Collect data from day one

Capture all user events with the Cxense script tag and create unique user profiles. All information about the page URL, referrer URL, location, browser and device environment is captured automatically, plus you can add your own customer parameters to this.  

Cxense Insight creates profiles on each and every user, updated in real-time. It tags users with long-term interests and short-term intent.

SDKs for iOS and Android makes it easy to track events from mobile applications. Link your external ID to the Cxense IDs to capture data from multiple devices into one single user profile.

We perform a semantic analysis of the pages on your sites. The pages are analyzed to generate content profiles, with information from tags and free text content, including author, people, locations, and companies, plus data from your own tags.

Harness the insight and build powerful, flexible real-time dashboards to gain insight from your user, content, and traffic data. Create dashboards using a wide range of configurable widgets, and filter the data.

Export aggregated and raw data to perform analysis using your preferred tools – and turn that user data into targetable audience segments.

  • “The experience we give each reader is tailored to their interests which encourages them to come back to the site more often and stay longer.”

    Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Head of Digital Development & Editor, Adresseavisen