Build cross-device, personalized shopping experiences

Address your shoppers anywhere in real time with large-scale tailormade content for prospective customers - your new shoppers will feel like regulars before you know it.

Trigger your marketing activities across all touchpoints

Use data to build responsive omni-channel marketing campaigns, connecting with shoppers seamlessly no matter what device they’re using.

Unlock the value of your first-party data

Ensure first-party data is right for the best possible segmentation and personalization experience, then enrich your first-party data by buying second and third-party data. 

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Analyze customer data across devices

Collect behavioral customer data from your online activity and offline records (such as data from a CRM system), integrate it into the DMP, and then match it to your online user identities.

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Cross-device optimization

Automation and optimization is integral to distributing content of the right type, at the right place in the sales funnel, right when it needs to be seen. 

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Vigleik Takle, COO

“It’s a clear trend that we expect a personalized experience. We are used to this from websites like Facebook, Netflix,and Amazon. Imagine a non-customized Facebook feed – you wouldn’t spend any time on it, would you?”

Increase the value of CRM data and increase your digital revenue

Match content offerings to people and their preferences to create personalized one-to-one customer journeys that convert.

Convert shoppers with targeted offerings

With deep insight into your shoppers’ activity, you can target them with advertising campaigns and subscription offers at the time they’re most likely to convert.  

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Build customer loyalty, advocacy, and retention

The more relevant the content and offers are to your shoppers, the better their experience. With better experiences come happier customers who’ll be more likely to act as an advocate for your brand. 

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Optimize the performance of marketing activities

Analyze your data and identify the highest performing inventory setup for each advertising campaign. With that, you can continually enhance performance to meet advertising KPIs including delivery, CTR, actions, and viewability.

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  • “iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers.”

    Håvard Kvalheim, Head of Big Data, Polaris Media