Collect, segment, and activate your data

Harness your data and gain the insight needed to turn anonymous prospects into known ones, then convert them into loyal customers.

Let’s get to know your visitors

Unleash the full power of your data – use a data management platform (DMP) to collect, segment, and activate it for more conversions.

Profile your users

A data management platform (DMP) simplifies and structures your data, allowing you to drive real-time conversions by creating segments of like-minded prospects and customers to interact with.

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Data collection and onboarding

As well as collating data on audience behaviors, you can also integrate offline records, such as data from a CRM system, into your DMP and match it to your online customer profiles and segments. 

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Get to know the individual – like really know them

With a DMP, you have the unique ability to capture audience-driven events across your website. This data can be consolidated into one centralised profile of an individual customer or prospect’s behaviors and preferences, before being activated in real time.

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Petteri Vainikka, VP Strategic Business Development

“Brands looking for DMPs today always ask for better information about their audiences. Everyone wants more audience data and all conversations going forward revolve around what you need to know about your audience.”

It’s your turn to be a data superstar

Turn unknown prospects into loyal customers, give customers a personalized experience with relevant recommendations, and drive higher digital revenue.

The right content at the right time

In the DMP you can define multiple behavioral characteristics. We’ll help you master the art of using a DMP to come up with the right segments to deliver the right content at the right time.

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Cross-device optimization

Automation and optimization is crucial so that the offer is the right type, at the right place in the sales funnel, and delivered at the right time.

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Enrich your segments with multiple data sets

Did you know that data exchanges between external companies can also improve the value of your own segments? Strengthen your first-party data with second and third-party data. 

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  • “Average time spent on the site went from 282 seconds in September 2014 before we introduced personalization to 632 seconds in September 2015 after the new system was implemented.”

    Christian Panson, VP Digital, Winnipeg Free Press