Cxense Maxifier

Unlock the value of your premium inventory by maximizing advertising performance

Cxense Maxifier gives media buyers and publishers full control of their campaign delivery and optimization. As optimization is becoming more complex due to the number of metrics media companies needs to deliver against, Maxifier’s proprietary optimization algorithms have enabled top media buyers and publishers to achieve 20-30% performance uplift across all KPIs.

  • Focus on optimizing premium, not remnant, inventory
  • Visualize the performance of every active campaign
  • Predict the performance of every campaign and address problems quickly
  • Optimize campaign performance with auto-generated recommendations
  • Simulate the impact any campaign change will have before implementing it
  • Act quickly by applying changes directly to the ad server
  • Deliver programmatically by fully or selectively automating optimization

Focus on premium inventory

Premium inventory is the key to profitability. Performance improvements here can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. While most solutions focus on helping monetize low value remnant inventory, Cxense Maxifier helps you drive optimal value from your premium.

Automated performance optimization

The industry-leading Cxense Maxifier solution analyzes data and identifies the highest performing inventory set up for each and every advertising campaign, enabling an automated optimization process to continually enhance performance to meet advertiser KPIs including delivery, CTR, actions, and viewability.

Trusted by leading publishers

Premium publishers such as Advance Digital, Condé Nast, The Guardian, and The Atlantic have chosen the Cxense Maxifier solution to ensure optimal campaign results.

“In the last month alone, optimizing on in-view rate has boosted campaign viewability by double-digits, at the same time delivering significant CTR performance improvements.”

– David Minkin, Executive Director of Revenue Operations, The Atlantic

Whitepaper: Ad Blockers  How can publishers come out on top?

Although ad-blockers have been around for years, coverage of the topic is heating up daily after Apple made ad blocking easier on iPhones and iPads. Consumers may be cheering, but is this just another short-term fix to a long-term problem?

Download this free whitepaper and find out how leading publishers are addressing the challenge posed by ad blockers.