Expand Your Audience With A DMP

You’re a publisher. You have data. But understanding and managing it is key to developing targeted selling opportunities for your audience

A DMP can help publishers engage with the individual user and deliver a personalized experience to build user loyalty

Knowing your users, delivering what they want, is key to engaging them more so that they stay on your site for longer – and convert

Understand content and valuable users

To deliver a personalized experience, you need a deep understanding of your users. Publishers must gather data in real-time, from a variety of sources such as websites, mobile apps, CRM, ERP, and CMS.

A semantic analysis of content allows you to analyze and understand the meaning of the content your users are engaging with – and from that you can start to deliver what they want. 

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Put the data to work

A DMP is about being able to put together insight into a centralised data layer of all the different data sets about the user you have.

A DMP structures these data sets and allows you to create segments so you have the power to choose what kind of buckets of like-minded users you want to target and to activate those segments to drive conversions. 

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Build bespoke segments

Publishers have an astounding amount of data, but often it is raw and offers no insights in and of itself, nor is the data actionable.

Individual profiles and sophisticated segmentation enable publishers to have a 360-degree view of their users so they can build bespoke segments for targeted ad campaigns and subscription offers.

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The Power of the DMP

When you’re online, there’s a complexity to how users interact with you – and you need technology to solve that complexity. The power of the DMP is the ability to profile the data about the interaction points you have with a user, whether on a mobile or desktop, and aggregate that into a central capability you can use for analysis, personalization, or for targeted promotions and advertising.

Aggregate, segment, action

DMPs can turn data into “insights and targetable audiences” that deliver accurate, predictive information about future-oriented marketing and audience segmentation

Extend your most valuable audience 

This is just as important as turning those fly-by users into loyal subscribers. How do you get your subscribers to shout your name from the rooftops when they’re faced with infinite choices on the internet? Having those advocates is key.

With a deep understanding of your audience, the better the personalization experience becomes.. 

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It’s not just your knowns…

A DMP isn’t just for the customers you know – it handles every user interacting with your site. Publishers must have a strategy to understand their anonymous users, engage them, and convert them.

The DMP is a unified way of handling both the known and unknown users; it’s the engine behind knowing your all of your users.

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Action your data and earn more revenue for premium audience segments

Develop new advertising products that enable you to charge higher rates for precise targeting.

Deliver higher click-through rates on performance advertising by delivering the right ads to the right person at the right time. 

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  • “Knowing that the experience we’re giving each individual reader is tailored to them making them come back more often and stay long on-site is awesome.”

    Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Head of Digital Development & Editor, Adresseavisen

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