Increase Campaign Conversions, Engagement, and Sales

How do you find the next most likely user to convert? Data

Harness your data

Use actionable insight from your data to show content, promotions, or targeted advertising to the right user at the right time – and increase conversions

Target your campaigns with real-time data to increase top of the funnel activity

Harness your first-party data, partner for second-party data, and complement with third-party data – and craft your own bespoke segments that drive your bottom line through increased campaign relevance.

Target based on user interests, intent, location, keywords, searches, affinities, and much more. Discover your best converting audiences, and attract more high propensity audiences with segmentation.

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Action your data in real-time to optimize the sales funnel

When users visit your page for the first time, you will know little about them so it’s vital to start using the data you have such as location, referral, device type right away. It's about how to action your data in real-time. ... and append it with data from other sources to make it unique.

What use is it to know everything that you need to know if you can't use it in real time to deliver a personalized experience to the customer?

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Make your data work hard for those conversions

With a DMP, everyone in your organization can work and with the same data, each crafting their own audience personas to drive their business objectives.

Having your data centralized and actionable makes the difference to your bottom line – it enables you to drive conversions on site and in-app. Identify your best converting audiences, find others like them, build segments around them, and make your data work harder to drive conversions. 

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The Power of the DMP

When you’re online, there’s a complexity to how users interact with you – and you need technology to solve that complexity. The power of the DMP is the ability to profile the data about the interaction points you have with a user, whether on a mobile or desktop, and aggregate that into a central capability you can use for analysis, personalization, or for targeted promotions and advertising.

Personalized Content Recommendations Lead To Increased Conversions

Get smart about data, build knowledge around your users, create the “will to pay”

Grow brand loyalty and advocacy in a multi-device world

The best brand experiences are those that not only deliver on, but that exceed, customer expectations — consistently, across all their devices. For most of us, brands that understand us as individuals, consider our likes and dislikes, our context, our preferences and our aspirations, are those we associate ourselves with.

With a deep understanding of your audience, you as a brand can deliver what your audiences want. A personalized experience that builds into a life-long relationship.

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Identify high value audiences and turn anonymous visitors into customers

Identifying those audiences who are more likely to convert, and exactly what triggers their conversion, marks the difference between an anonymous visitor and a customer.

Businesses need to gather and syndicate data in real-time across all of their systems, from CRM to email marketing and web analytics, and to make this data work for their conversion optimization. By adding semantic analysis and fully open content taxonomies to your data classification, you can capture a much richer level of engagement insight from your audiences.

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Engage to convert your users

Now you know what your users want, you can engage them with relevant recommendations, campaigns and ads. When users visit your page for the first time, you will know little about them so it’s vital to start using the data you have such as location, referral and device type right away.

The more data you collect through the user exploring more parts of the site, the better the personalization can become. 

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  • “Knowing that the experience we’re giving each individual reader is tailored to them making them come back more often and stay long on-site is awesome.”

    Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Head of Digital Development & Editor, Adresseavisen

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