Increase engagement and loyalty

Engage your readers with relevant content. But how? Actionable data – in real time.

In-depth cross-channel insights. In real time.

It’s more important than ever for publishers to have a holistic view of the individual reader and how they behave when consuming content.

The data locker room 

A data management platform (DMP) simplifies your data and structures it so you can create segments of like-minded users to target with content and drive conversions.

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Know what your readers want

A semantic analysis of content allows you to analyze and understand the content your readers are engaging with – and from that you can start to deliver what they want.

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Don’t stop there – engage them

It’s vital to start using the data you have such as location, referral, and device type right away. Combine this insight with what you know about similar readers and you can start to personalize their experience from the moment they hit your site.

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Vigleik Takle, COO, Cxense

It’s a clear trend that we as readers expect a personalized experience. We are used to this from websites like Facebook, Netflix,and Amazon. Imagine a non-customized Facebook feed – you wouldn’t spend any time on it, would you?

Personalize and watch your engagement grow

Drive one-to-one experiences with relevant content recommendations that increase engagement and digital revenue

Automate content curation and optimization 

Automated content analysis and in-depth reader profiling fuels the most relevant content recommendations that will increase engagement, retention, and conversions.

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Convert the reader with targeted offerings

With deep insight, you can target your readers with campaigns, newsletters and more, at the times that they’re most likely to convert.

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Build loyalty and advocacy

How do you get your subscribers to shout your name from the rooftops when they’re faced with infinite choices on the internet? With a deep understanding of your reader. The better their experience becomes, the greater their advocacy.

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  • “Average time spent on the site went from 282 seconds in September 2014 before we introduced personalization to 632 seconds in September 2015 after the new system was implemented.”

    Christian Panson, VP Digital, Winnipeg Free Press