Increase Subscription Rates

How do you get readers to pay for content? That’s the billion dollar question...

Create a personalized user experience that drives subscription revenue

Automatically identify readers that are likely to subscribe

By starting to gather insights from your readers from their very first visit, and applying machine learning-powered propensity models  you can easily identify the most valuable ones – those that are mostly likely to convert to paying subscribers.

Benefit from a personalized, dynamic paywall

Use audience insight to make automated decisions about which readers can access your content and when. Regain control of your most valuable assets and use them to drive subscriptions.



Up your personalization game

A single placement can deliver personalized content to different audiences and help publishers reach different goals: Boost clicks for flyby readers, boost session duration for loyals, or create rich a experience for subscribers.

The Power of the Personalized Customer Journey

 Cxense Conversion Engine enables publishers to drive subscriptions by  personalizing the customer journey


Engage readers with the right content, at the right time, and in the right context

Identify every reader interaction across your site, show the most relevant content – and convert them

Surface the most relevant and engaging content

Personalized content recommendations for each individual reader whether they are known or anonymous, brings the most relevant and engaging content forward, increasing conversions.


Testing and optimizing increases conversions 

When it comes to engagement and conversion, personalized sites win over static ones every time. Find out what works best for a certain location, device type, or interest segment with continuous testing and tweaking.



Right  time, right context, right offers

Rely on predictive analytics to find readers who are most likely to  subscribe, and then target them with personalized offers and promotions at the right time.


  • “The Cxense solution offers many possibilities as we aim to provide the best customer experience in print and digital. We will use these solutions effectively to achieve our ‘customer-first’ approach.”

    Shigetaka Yamanaka, General Manager Digital Development Department, Hearst Fujingaho