Leverage Your Content And Increase Subscriptions

How do you get readers to pay for content? That’s the billion dollar question for publishers...

Our insight can help you show the right content, at the right time, and in the right context

Use data to show your readers the most relevant content – and convert them

Surface the most valuable content

Give your online readers what they want, and they will return to your site more often, be more engaged with your content and convert. A lot of evergreen content sits in archives no one will see without personalization.

There’s a lot of value in surfacing under utilized content to users who do see value in it. Personalized content recommendations for each individual site visitor, whether they are known or anonymous, brings the most engaging content forward, increasing customer loyalty, page views, and conversions.

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Engage users

When you know what your users want, you can engage them with relevant content but when users visit your page for the first time, you will know little about them. It’s vital to start using the data you have such as location, referral, device type right away.

The more data you collect through the user exploring more parts of the site, the better the personalization can become.

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Right promotions, right time, right context

Find the readers who are most likely to buy individual products, or subscribe to your site, and then target them with personalized promotions, increasing conversion rates and driving higher digital revenue.

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The Power of the DMP

When you’re online, there’s a complexity to how users interact with you – and you need technology to solve that complexity. The power of the DMP is the ability to profile the data about the interaction points you have with a user, whether on a mobile or desktop, and aggregate that into a central capability you can use for analysis, personalization, or for targeted promotions and advertising.

Personalized Content Recommendations For Increased Conversions

Take control of your data, start building knowledge about your users, and create the “will to pay”

Identify valuable users in the conversion funnel

To deliver a personalized experience, you need a deep understanding of your individual users.

A semantic analysis of content allows you to analyze and understand the meaning of the content your users are engaging with – and from that you can start to deliver what they want.

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Put the data to work

A DMP is about being able to put together insight into a centralised data layer of all the different data sets about the user you have. A DMP structures these data sets and allows you to create segments so you have the power to choose what kind of buckets of like-minded users you want to target and to activate those segments to drive conversions.

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Churn protection

Remember that you have readers who’ve already converted on your site. Why should they continue to pay you for content? Make sure you’re surfacing the most valuable content to your subscribers to keep them as paying customers. Never forget; it’s not about you, it’s all about what’s relevant to them.

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  • “The Cxense solution offers many possibilities as we aim to provide the best customer experience in print and digital. We will use these solutions effectively to achieve our ‘customer-first’ approach.”

    Shigetaka Yamanaka, General Manager Digital Development Department, Hearst Fujingaho

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