Optimize the shopping experience. Boost conversions.

How do you identify the next most likely shopper to convert? Better insight.

Shopper data. Done simply.

Show personalized products, optimize the shopping experience, or targeted campaigns to the right user at the right time – and you’ll see your conversions go through the roof

Target your campaigns with real-time data

Craft bespoke segments that really drive your bottom line though increased campaign relevance and effectiveness by bridging multiple data sets.

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Action your data in real-time to optimize the sales funnel

Append your existing data with that from other sources to make it really stand out. What use is it to know everything you need to know if you can't use it in real-time to deliver a personalized experience to your reader?

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Make your data work hard for those conversions

Having all of your data centralized and actionable in a data management platform (DMP) makes all the difference to your bottom line – it simplifies your data and lets you drive conversions both on site and in-app.

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You need the data layer

Today's multi-channel, multi-device world with millions of customer interaction points may seem complicated to manage. The Cxense DMP simplifies the data so you can focus on the conversions.

Identify shopping prospects at every interaction

We’ll help you be the best and exceed customer expectations

Grow brand loyalty and advocacy

Brands that understand us as individual shoppers are those we associate ourselves with. They are brands we endorse with repeat purchases, and those we are happy to advocate to our friends.

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Real-time 1:1 personalization

Leverage powerful machine learning algorithms and real-time 1:1 personalization to increase conversion rates, and to drive more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Turn anonymous shoppers into loyal customers

Identifying audiences who are most likely to convert, and exactly what triggers their conversion, marks the difference between an anonymous visitor and a customer. Gather and syndicate data in real-time across all channels to fuel CRO.

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  • “Knowing that the experience we’re giving each individual reader is tailored to them making them come back more often and stay long on-site is awesome.”

    Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Head of Digital Development & Editor, Adresseavisen