Supercharge User Engagement To Drive Conversions

Capture users with relevant recommendations. But how? Understand how they engage with your content

Data-driven marketing can deliver a tailored customer journey that increases your digital revenue

Brands needs to think like publishers to identify and engage anonymous users, across channels and devices, to turn them into loyal advocates and customers

Profile your users

A DMP is about being able to put together insight into a centralised “data warehouse” of all the different data sets about the user you have. A DMP structures these data sets and allows you to create segments so you have the power to choose what kind of buckets of like-minded users you want to target and to activate those segments to drive conversions.

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Know what your users want

To deliver a personalized experience, you need a deep understanding of your users. Marketers must gather data in real-time, from a variety of sources such as websites, mobile apps, CRM, ERP, and CMS.

A semantic analysis of content allows you to analyze and understand the meaning of the content your users are engaging with – and from that you can start to deliver what they want.

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Engage to convert your users

Now you know what your users want, you can engage them with relevant recommendations, campaigns and ads. When users visit your page for the first time, you will know little about them so it’s vital to start using the data you have such as location, referral, device type right away.

The more data you collect through the user exploring more parts of the site, the better the personalization can become. 

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Vigleik Takle, COO, Cxense

"It’s a clear trend that we as consumers are increasingly expecting a personalized experience. We are used to this from websites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. Imagine a Facebook feed that is not personalized – you wouldn’t spend any time on it, would you?"

A DMP allows marketers to use deep user insight to convert prospects into customers

A thorough analysis of online user behaviour, coupled with cross-device content optimization, allows you target the user at the most likely conversion point in the customer journey

Convert the user with targeted offerings

Turn unknown visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers.

Deep insight into the user and their behaviour, such as how and when they like to be communicated with, enables you to tailor the conversion funnel. With deep insight, you can target advertising campaigns and subscription offers to the user at the time they’re most likely to convert.

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Build customer loyalty and advocacy

This is just as important as turning those fly-by users into loyal subscribers. How do you get your subscribers to shout your name from the rooftops when they’re faced with infinite choices on the internet? Having those advocates is key.

The more relevant the content is to the users, the better the experience, the deeper the relationship becomes and the more likely they are to become a brand advocate.

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Cross-device optimization

Personalization is a strategy. How do we get our users to engage more on our sites cross-device, and how do we get them to convert and become loyal? Better recommendations and more tailored experiences that match their preferences.

Automation and optimization is crucial so that the offer is the right type, at the right place in the sales funnel, and delivered at the right time.

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  • “iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers.”

    HÃ¥vard Kvalheim, Head of Big Data, Polaris Media

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