Understand The Anonymous Reader

Bridge online and offline to understand the anonymous reader and run targeted prospecting that finds new readers who behave like current ones

A DMP can help publishers truly understand the individual user

To get to know what users want, publishers need to use a DMP to collect, segment, and activate data to drive conversions

Collect, segment, and activate your data

A data management platform should be at the heart of every monetization strategy for publishers.

A DMP gives you the unique ability to capture audience-driven events, whether they’re pageviews or ad impressions or click events, to consolidate them into one centralised view of the individual and then to activate the datas across all of your platforms. What does a publisher need to do with data? Collect, segment, and activate.

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Use data about known users to infer characteristics about unknowns

A DMP is about being able to put together insight into a centralised “data warehouse” of all the different data sets about the user you have.

A DMP structures these data sets and allows you to create segments so you have the power to choose what kind of buckets of like-minded users you want to target and to activate those segments to drive conversions. Once you understand a set of users having bridged multiple data sets, you can start to infer what others want based on this subset.

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Bridge offline and online user data 

Publishers need to collect behavioural user data from their own properties. A Cxense tag, deployed across your network, will start to collect pageview event data so that the publisher can start to get information about the individual user across all channels.

Publishers should also onboard offline records, such as data from a CRM system, bring it into the DMP and match it to the online user identities.

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Petteri Vainikka, VP Strategic Business Development, Cxense

Publishers looking for DMPs today ask for better information about their audiences. They’re asking for more targeted and relevant advertising that’s less intrusive and that offers a wider range of insights at post-campaign level. All conversations revolve around “what do you know about your audience?” 

Deliver what people want

Turn fly-by visitors into known users, and turn known users into loyal subscribers. Give users a personalized experience with relevant content recommendations to drive higher digital revenue

The right content, the right time, the right user

In the DMP you can define behavioural attributes such as visitation frequencies, consumption patterns, keyword search, and device parameters so you know what segment that user belongs to, right here, right now.

It’s the fine art and craft of using a data management platform to come up with the right segments to deliver the right content at the right time.

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Enrich your audience segments by incorporating multiple data sets

The most important thing for publishers is to ensure first-party data is right for the best possible segmentation and personalization experience.

Then you can enrich your first-party data by buying second- and third-party data. Data exchanges between companies can improve the value of segments. First-party data has 80% of the value, enriching it with second- and third-party data can add the other 20% to fully monetize your segments and drive digital revenue.

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Publishers should sell their audiences

Good data can help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience – and that’s valuable. Who’s coming to your site? How often? What are they engaging with? Five years ago, you sold impressions and placements on your site. Now you’re selling audience segments to advertisers.

Collecting and systematizing audience data in a Cxense DMP enables publishers to monetize their audience data. But, at the end of the day, advertisers don’t buy sites, they buy audiences. And the more relevant the content and receptive the audience, the better the return.

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  • “iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers.”

    HÃ¥vard Kvalheim, Head of Big Data, Polaris Media

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