Understand Your Audience

Harness your data and deep user insights to turn anonymous prospects into knowns, and then convert the knowns into loyal customers

A DMP can help you engage with the individual user and deliver a personalized experience to build user acquisition, retention, and advocacy

Knowing your users and delivering what they want is key to engaging them more so that they stay on your site for longer – and convert

Cross-device optimization

Personalization is a strategy. How do we get our users to engage more on our sites cross-device, and how do we get them to convert and become loyal? Better recommendations and more tailored experiences that match their preferences.

Automation and optimization is crucial so that the offer is the right type, at the right place in the sales funnel, and delivered at the right time. 

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Make your data work hard for those conversions

With a DMP, everyone in your organization can work and with the same data, each crafting their own audience personas to drive their business objectives.

Having your data centralized and actionable makes all the difference to your bottom line – it enables you to drive conversions on site and in-app. Identify your best converting audiences, find others like them, build segments around them, and make your data work to drive conversions. 

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Identify high value audiences and turn anonymous visitors into customers

Marketers need to gather and syndicate data in real-time across all of their business systems, from CRM to email marketing and web analytics, and to make this data work for their conversion optimization. By adding semantic analysis and fully open content taxonomies to your data classification, you can capture a much richer level of engagement insight from your audiences.

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The Power of the DMP

When you’re online, there’s a complexity to how users interact with you – and you need technology to solve that complexity. The power of the DMP is the ability to profile the data about the interaction points you have with a user, whether on a mobile or desktop, and aggregate that into a central capability you can use for analysis, personalization, or for targeted promotions and advertising.

Aggregate, segment, action

DMPs can turn data into “insights and targetable audiences” that deliver accurate, predictive information about future-oriented marketing and audience segmentation

Build bespoke segments

You’ll have an astounding amount of data on hand, but often it is raw and offers no real insights in and of itself, nor is the data immediately actionable. Individual profiles and sophisticated segmentation enables you to have a 360-degree view of users so you can build bespoke segments for targeted ad campaigns and subscription offers. 

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The right content, the right time, the right user

In the DMP you can define behavioural attributes such as visitation frequencies, consumption patterns, keyword search, and device parameters so you know what segment that user belongs to, right here, right now.

It’s the fine art and craft of using a data management platform to come up with the right segments to deliver the right content at the right time.

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Enrich your audience segments by incorporating multiple data sets

Ensure your first-party data is right for the best possible segmentation and personalization experience, then you can enrich your first party data by buying second and third party data.

Data exchanges between companies can improve the value of segments. First party data has 80% of the value, and enriching it with second and third party data can add the other 20% to fully monetize your segments and drive digital revenue 

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  • “Average time spent on the site went from 282 seconds in September 2014 before we introduced personalization to 632 seconds in September 2015 after the new system was implemented.”

    Christian Panson, VP Digital, Winnipeg Free Press

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