We turn your anonymous prospects into loyal customers

Personalization is about creating an unrivalled experience so your prospects will come back to your website, stay longer, and convert. But how do you use data to drive the growth of your digital 
activities? That’s the billion dollar question. 

We bring a data-driven mindset to all corners of your business so you can deliver a personalized customer journey that increases engagement and boosts conversion rates, driving lifetime value and loyalty. 

Prospects expect you to know them better. They expect you to show them the things that are relevant – and ignore what's not.

You need to know how your users behave online, their preferences, their intent… We give you the ability to act on that insight in real-time.

We deliver compelling online customer experiences

Being able to do things in real-time, to deliver at the right point in the conversion funnel, is crucial for businesses looking to have meaningful conversations with their audience.

But how? Actionable data.  

The winners five years from now are going to be the organizations who have identified data as a key means to differentiate. 

This is especially critical in a world where the number of devices will continue to multiply, the expectations of users will continue to grow, and the amount of content available will continue to explode. 

Personalization isn’t a ‘nice to have’. Your audience expects it.

Five tips for creating a personalization strategy

A successful personalization strategy varies from company to company, but we’ll  work with you to find the right mix for your goals.

1. Set realistic goals before you start

Know what you want personalization to deliver. Conversions? Consistent brand messages across multiple devices?

2. Collect audience data and understand context

You need to be collecting data as your consumers interact with your brand in real-time and act on that insight.

3. Understand your best converting content

Understand everything there is to know about your content – and understand the relationship your users have with that content.

4. Deploy, test, and then refine

There’s no “out of the box” formula. Personalization is an iterative process that uncovers your best performing offers.

5. Measure, measure, measure

You need to know what impact a personalization strategy is having on your business model so measure – and do it again.


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